Valencia Delegation to Attend Vitur Summit and Vitur Forum Spain in Malaga

The President of the Employers of Tourist Apartments of the Valencian Community, Miguel Ángel Sotillos, will head the Valencian Delegation that will attend the Vitur Summit and Vitur Forum Spain in Malaga next week. These are the largest European and national forums in the holiday homes industry where managers, professionals, investors, owners, companies, platforms, institutions, associations, and media specialized in tourism and holiday homes meet.

Sotillos has announced that the sector will analyze the challenge of energy savings and the CO2 footprint in tourism, as well as the new trends in holiday homes such as health tourism and the rise of distance work and digital nomads. The President of Apturcv and Fevitur added that the meeting will demonstrate that holiday homes and apartments have very beneficial economic impacts for our cities, neighborhoods, and local businesses.

Furthermore, Sotillos pointed out that “only 19.1% of the expenses of a tourist staying in a holiday home are related to leisure or culture, which directly benefits proximity businesses, while more than 60% of these expenses are monopolized.”

The regularization against the ban, according to the President of Aptur and Fevitur, has democratized tourism by allowing anyone to participate, regardless of whether they are in small towns, beach areas, rural or depopulated areas, compared to the traditional hotel industry, service, and destinations.

Sotillos has requested that “the discussion of phobia is stopped and the regulation of holiday homes is supported” as their criticisms “harm both our regulated sector and the businesses in the service sector.”

Vitur Summit 2023

The main challenge of our sector, as discussed next week at the Vitur Summit 2023 in Malaga, is the rise of distance work and digital nomads. For this reason, Vitur Summit 2023 will have three complete days of debates, with more than 90 speakers and participants from sector leaders and a variety of multinational companies, as well as more than 650 participants joining the meeting as Estimes Host Meeting.

Among them, many of the main agents in the sector will be highlighted, such as Carlos Rueda Charle de Idealista, Anina Pira from Jlls Hotels & Hospitality Group, Victor Martí de Gma Capital, Joaquim Leal de Interhome, Carlos Garrido de la Cierva de la Ceav, María Flores Portillo de Beyond, Laura Metayer de Kave Home, Nuno Trigo de Vertical Coworking, Leda Zanlungo de Sonder, Cristian Flórez De Bauen, Nacho Alonso de Novasol/Awaze, Enrique Mas, von Sween Inn, Antón de la Rica, Líberre, Covadonga Sanz, Greystar, Eduardo San Martín, von Incus Capital, Javier Pereira Carro, mit Take Point Investments, David Robles von Google Travel von Google Travel, Pilar Crespo Pastor, Buchung, Paola Lazzaretti, VRBO/Expedia Group, Lourdes Castillo Jiménez de Homes & Villen von Marriott International und Javier Cedeño-Barreiro de Holdu.

The Valencian Delegation is ready to attend the Vitur Summit and Vitur Forum Spain to analyze and contribute to the development of the holiday homes industry and its related sectors, as well as to promote the economic benefits of this sector for the communities and local businesses.